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Born and raised in South Florida, my name is Victoria.
Alcohol, caffeine, and DIY enthusiast.
BFA Theatre Performance major with an eye for detail.
Life, love, stress and setbacks.
Ask anything
I would like Martin Scorsese to be interested in a female character once in a while, but I don’t know if I’ll live that long.
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PSA that all theatre is valuable, quality is subjective, an imperfect show never hurt anybody, and we don’t talk about spider-man

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I’m officially hired for The Mouse! I’ll be your friendly neighborhood barista at the Starbucks in Epcot 😊 one more interview to go but I think this is where I’ll stay.

Louis Armstrong plays for his wife, Lucille, in front of the Sphinx and Great pyramids in Giza, Egypt, 1961.
I need a hug or an orgasm.
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Both at the same time.

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Literally my relationship with Richard.