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Born and raised in South Florida, my name is Victoria.
Alcohol, caffeine, and DIY enthusiast.
BFA Theatre Performance major with an eye for detail.
Life, love, stress and setbacks.
Ask anything

Fleetwood Mac, 1976.
Words cannot express the excitement and the extreme gratitude that I feel to be working for the Walt Disney Company. I’m starting in a place where all that I can go is up and out. I can’t wait to help make magic for guests on a daily basis and I can’t wait to experience all the things that Disney has to offer me. I’m starting off a new #100happydays  the right way, with The Mouse.

Bernadette Peters in Gypsy on Broadway, 2003.


sometimes I get really stressed out because my body doesn’t match society’s expectations of beauty and sex appeal

and one night I was complaining about it to my sister and she said

"It’s not very punk rock to meet society’s expectations"

I think she changed my life

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